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Dean's Welcome

Law, whether as a discipline or a profession, is in a state of flux. While there are those who see only uncertainty underlying this change, we here at SMU School of Law see opportunities. Whether the focus is on the harmonisation of Asia’s commercial laws, or the legal implications of the Internet of Things or smart contracts, or the liberalisation of Singapore’s legal sector, you can find our faculty providing thought leadership.
SMU School of Law has a stable of carefully curated programmes aimed at nurturing intellectual curiosity and creativity, while at the same time meeting the demands and standards set at international and leading law firms. It offers two qualifying degrees (the LLB and the JD programmes), a selective taught LLM with a corporate and commercial bent, and a popularly subscribed professional educational seminar series.
It is no secret that Singapore’s openness to ideas includes receptiveness to legal innovations from beyond: many of our laws take inspiration from North America, North and South Europe, East Asia, and Down Under. This is also true of our faculty: they are drawn from these jurisdictions and more. Our distinguished faculty are educated at such reputable universities as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard, just to name a few. Our research agenda and publication are equally top classed.
SMU School of Law prides itself as being a different “U”, and, indeed, once you’ve been here, you leave a different “U”. Recruiting partners often say our graduates are distinct in that they are technically capable and socially engaged. There is no denying our mooting prowess, or our success on the world stage. We see ourselves as not only facilitating our graduates’ entry into the market but also unlocking their potential to give back to society. With an alumni network numbering more than a thousand and growing steadily, current students truly benefit from networking and job opportunities.
This year, SMU School of Law marks its tenth year of founding. While we celebrate the many happy memories and events that mark our growing maturity, our eyes are firmly fixed on the next ten years. Join us: let us shape your future as you will undoubtedly shape ours.
Associate Professor Goh Yihan
Dean, SMU School of Law


Last updated on 01 Dec 2017 .