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“I found SMU’s rigorous curriculum a breath of fresh air from the traditional education system (i.e. lecture- tutorial system) I was used to. Class participation time was a great chance for me to air my views, exchange ideas and knowledge with professors and friends. Presentations have honed my skills at speaking, conveying my ideas and communicating with people. Classes stopped being a one-way road.

4 years at SMU law school have helped build up my confidence greatly. Indeed, public speaking is not an easy feat for many, including myself. Yet, SMU has trained me to be able to think and speak on my feet in public in a confident manner.

SMU education is definitely not just about the books. SMU provided me with the opportunity to do a wide variety of internships which was an eye-opener. I did stints in corporate, litigation and even at the coroner’s court where I assisted the coroner with investigations of unnatural deaths. These opportunities not only helped me decide where my interests lie in but also prepared me for the rigours of workforce.

Today, I am happy to say that SMU has taught me to 'stand out without sticking out like a sore thumb'. As for student life, SMU always has interesting events. Life was never boring and friends I made in SMU are friends I made for life.”

Last updated on 03 May 2016 .