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SMU has consistently placed in the top three for the biggest and most prestigious international moot competitions, ranging from the Jessup and Vis to Price and Frankfurt. Our rigorous International Moots Programme offers any student who is willing to give it a shot a unique opportunity to put theory into practice and to marshall various complex areas of law into coherent threads. Here is an overview of our students' achievements thus far:

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International Law and Human Rights



  • Champions: Price Media Law'10, '16, '17
  • 1st-runners-up: Jessup'13, 14; Price'15
  • 2nd-runners-up: Price'13; Pan-Asian HR'17

International Criminal Law



  • Champions: International Criminal Court'15, '16; YFP'11
  • 1st-runners-up: ICC'17; Red Cross'16
  • 2nd-runners-up: Nuremberg'17; Red Cross'11, '13, '14

International Commercial Arbitration



  • Champions: Vis East'15; Frankfurt Investment'17
  • 1st-runners-up: Frankfurt'15; Maritime'16; Vis'15, '16; Vis East'16
  • 2nd-runners-up: Maritime'17; Vis East'17


Commercial Law



  • Champions: Fletcher Insovlency'17; Hague'14
  • 1st-runners-up: Private Law'16
  • 2nd-runners-up: Private Law'17


Regional Competitions



  • Champions: ALSA'14, '17; Asia Cup'10, '11, '14; LawAsia'13, '14, '16, '17
  • 1st-runners-up: ALSA'09; Asia Cup'12, '13, '15; LawAsia'09, '11, '12
  • 2nd-runners-up: LawAsia'15


World Records 

  • Most number of international moot final appearances in a year: 9 (2015/16)
  • Most number of international championships in a year: 5 (2014/15 and 2016/17)
  • Most number of grand slam moot finals in last 5 years: 15
  • Most number of grand slam moot wins in last 5 years: 7

Learn more about the competitions we take part in the links below.


Commercial arbitration


  1. Asia Cup
  2. Asian Law Students' Association Moot
  3. LawAsia Moot
  1. Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot
  2. International Maritime Arbitration Moot
  3. Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  4. Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot
  1. Allen & Overy Private Law Moot
  2. Fletcher International Insolvency Law Moot 
  3. IP 
  4. WTO-FTA Moot 




International law

International humanitarian law




  1. Air Law
  2. Jessup
  3. Monroe E. Price Moot 
  1. International Criminal Court Moot
  2. Nuremberg Moot
  3. Red Cross International Humanitarian Moot 
  1. Essex-SAL
  2. Hague
  3. VI International Law Youth for Peace
  1. Advocacy Cup 
  2. Attorney-General's Cup
  3. B.A. Mallal Moot
  4. Black Oak Transactional Moot
  5. Duane Morris & Selvam LLP Transactional Competition
  6. Howard Hunter Moot
  7. International Maritime Law Arbitration Moot 
  8. WongPartnership LLP Arbitration Moot


Last updated on 20 Dec 2017 .