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SMU Law Society - The Bar

The Bar, officially known as the SMU Law Society, is the student representative body for the SMU School of Law. Founded in 2007, The Bar serves to advance students’ professional and academic interests while also seeking to forge a stronger sense of community among students in Law School through the organisation of events and activities.

The Tenth Management Committee of The Bar consists of nine student leaders. Students can look forward to a slew of fun and unique-to-law events, against the backdrop of professional and academic development initiatives that equip our students to thrive in tomorrow’s legal world.

(From Left to Right: Andrew Chia Cheng Yi, Finance Director; Shu Kit, Public Relations Director; Reuben Teng Han, Vice President; Justin Mao Wei Zi, Marketing Director; Cheng You Duen, President; Niranjanaa Ram, General Secretary; Charmain Tirtamarta Kwee, Events Director; Thia Zhang Jie, Professional Advancement Director; Chang Chee Jun, Academic Advancement Director)  

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Last updated on 10 Apr 2017 .