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The official approval for SMU's School of Law was announced on 5 January 2007. The School proudly welcomed its first batch of 116 students in August 2007.


SMU's undergraduate law programme aims to mold students into excellent lawyers who will contribute significantly to society. The objective is to produce law graduates who have contextualized legal expertise and the ability to think across disciplines and geographical borders. In terms of pedagogy, SMU's seminar-style learning will be put to good effect to nurture students who are confident, articulate and analytically agile.


SMU intends to produce holistic lawyers. The significant law-related component (about 30%) of the programme comprises a menu of courses specially chosen to provide students with a keen understanding of the environment within which a lawyer operates.


The Law School will offer a 4-year full-time LLB programme, as well as a 5-year double-degree programme which combines law with SMU's existing non-law programmes in Accountancy, Business, Economics, Information Systems and Social Sciences.


The School of Law also offer a full-time graduate programme called the Juris Doctor (J.D.) Programme. It follows the same academic calendar/grading scheme as the LL.B programme and can be completed within 3 years.


There is currently a collegial team of faculty with postgraduate degrees from renowned universities worldwide such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Oxford, Cambridge, Bristol and London. The faculty have amassed an impressive publication record. Articles have appeared in top law journals such as Cambridge Law Journal, Modern Law Review, Oxford Journal of Legal Studies and Journal of Contract Law. The Law School will continue to recruit talent from all over the world to build a strong team of excellent researchers and teachers.


The faculty are also very actively involved in the university, the global legal fraternity and in Singapore society. For example, faculty members sit on the Editorial Boards of prominent publications worldwide, on the Board of Directors in various associations and organisations, on lists o& arbitrators, Committees (such in the areas of Law Reform, Legal Education and Studies, Continuing Education, Promotion of Singapore Law, etc.), as consultants, advisers, registrars and panelists in tribunals as well as other academic and professional appointments

Last updated on 13 Oct 2016 .