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Participating in an international moot competition is probably the most challenging law school activity, and there is no better place to do it than in SMU, which is widely regarded as one of the most formidable law schools in the world in international moots despite having graduated its first batch of law students only in 2011. As of April 2017, SMU’s international mooters have regularly made it to the  championship finals of the largest and most prestigious moots in the world, including: the Philip C Jessup moot in Washington DC (2013 and 2014); the Willem C Vis arbitration moot in Vienna (2015 and 2016); the Willem C Vis East moot in Hong Kong (2015 and 2016); the Price Media Law moot in Oxford (2010, 2015, 2016, and 2017); the International Criminal Court Moot in The Hague (2015 and 2016); the Investment Arbitration Moot in Frankfurt (2015 and 2017); and the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law Moot in Hong Kong (2016). SMU owns the best track record in several of these moots -- no other university in the world can claim to have reached the major finals regularly in the last few years -- and has also been to the championship final of various other international moots, such as the Asia Cup, International Maritime Arbitration, LawAsia, and Fletcher Insolvency competitions.

SMU is the youngest ever law school to have accomplished all of these feats, and was either the first Singapore school to reach the aforementioned finals, or had helped Singapore return to the finals after many years of absence. It holds the world records for most international moot final appearances in a single season (9, set in 2015/16, breaking its own record of 8 set in 2014/15), most number of international moot wins in a single season (5, set in 2014/15), and became the first university in the history of international moots to successfully defend a title won in a major international moot when it won back-to-back ICC championships in 2015 and 2016 (a feat repeated by SMU in the 2016 and 2017 editions of the Price moot). Overall, SMU’s international mooters have won 20 of the 39 championship finals they have been in, in addition to 91 Best Oralist and Best Memorial prizes in the 20-over competitions they have participated in. In terms of local competitions, SMU has also done well, having won the great majority of the prizes on offer since 2012.

Mooters representing SMU in international competitions are trained over a sustained period of time and closely supervised by faculty members and a wide network of practicing lawyers. Aspiring mooters in SMU are encouraged to first hone their mooting skills in Legal Research & Writing and to participate in the wide array of local moot competitions available that are helpful in gaining competitive exposure. Regional moot competitions provide yet another avenue for competitive exposure before students consider registering for the International Moots I elective, which is the main pathway to selection for the bigger international moot competitions; many SMU mooters even return for multiple international moot experiences via International Moots II or otherwise. With strong structural and financial support from the school, an exclusive partnership agreement with the leading firm in the region WongPartnership, and a robust SMU moot alumni community to tap upon for coaching and training, SMU’s international mooters are extremely well-provided for and benefit from a very strong reputation among the legal community. Many of them go on to secure the top jobs in the legal profession such as prestigious local and international clerkships, and many also undertake postgraduate studies in the best law schools around the world.

There is no better way to acquire the fundamental skills of analysis, research, writing, and advocacy required for legal practice, and there is also no better way to be connected to the vast network of junior and senior lawyers that SMU’s pool of coaches and judges now comprise, than to do an international moot in SMU. Students who are interested in finding out more about local competitions may direct their queries to the SMU Moot Court Club ( For questions regarding regional or international moot competitions, please send an email Track records of law schools in major international moot competitions are reliably sourced and maintained here:

Last updated on 05 May 2017 .