Asian Peace-building and Rule of Law


The Asian Peace-building and Rule of Law Programme (APRL) serves as a focal point for coordinating cutting-edge socio-legal research on the ‘rule of law’ at SMU School of Law. To this end, APRL conducts seminars, carries out and supervises innovative scholarly research, and leads direct impact transitional justice initiatives in post-conflict Asian countries. APRL has had the privilege of working with leading law schools, including Yale Law School and Berkeley Law School.

To bridge theory and practice, APRL provides SMU students with hands-on experience working on active human rights cases and projects. The skills-training imparted through directed research instructions and simulations is applied and tested in the context of real-world advocacy.

Working in partnership with APRL’s affiliates and advisers, our law students contribute to effecting positive social change regionally and globally as they hone their critical thinking, legal advocacy and professional skills.

Since its inception, APRL has represented genocide survivors in war crimes trials in Cambodia; co-authored a multi-site rule of law study on ASEAN; advised the United Nations on transnational corporate responsibility; carried out policy-relevant research in relation to post-conflict Sri Lanka, Timor- Leste and Bangladesh; and co-hosted two summer courses with established international universities.

APRL hopes to help nurture a new generation of Asian Scholars, lawyers and practitioners who are equipped to refine and develop novel aspects of international law practice and policy in Asia.

Last updated on 14 Nov 2012.